Counselling - How can it help?

Certain life events and circumstances will inevitably take their toll on our emotional and psychological well-being, and when this happens, there is a natural in-built response to do what we can to get back to a place where we feel secure and content again.

However, certain challenges may feel difficult to overcome on our own, and this is where counselling can provide the help that is needed in the following ways:-

  • Provides a safe space for you to get in touch with, express and make sense of what you are thinking and feeling. This includes separating what is truly yours, from thoughts and feelings which may be adversely heavily influenced by family, social and cultural expectations.
  • Gain new perspectives on dealing with challenges, and interweave these perspectives with your unique life journey to enable you to develop your own.
  • See the value of uncomfortable and difficult thoughts and emotions, through learning about the messages they are providing in terms of what matters to you, and how to move forward in a way that serves you.
  • Identify the risks you may need to take to achieve the outcomes you want and receive the support and strength to take them.
  • Overcome relationship difficulties and improve your relationships, through learning how to be your authentic self whilst taking into account your relational and situational context, and putting in place healthy boundaries that both protect and free you.
  • Formulate decisions that are genuinely your own and aligned with your core values. This includes those crucial decisions around whether to persist with or exit situations.
  • Understand what you want, including what would truly give you meaning and purpose in life.
  • Explore what your soul’s and spiritual journey could be if either or both of these concepts speak to you. This includes positively enhancing the effect of your belief systems in these areas.

In addition to the above, my approach is not just about resolving problems, but also about helping you achieve emotional and psychological well-being across all its dimensions, in a way that is personally meaningful to you. This will enable you to have a vision of the future to move towards, and discover solutions that are more proactive and holistic, which help lead to sustainable and lasting change.